ImprovUX for User Researchers: Improvise to Connect, Collect, and Converge

Mike Gorgone

ImprovUX is a fun and interactive workshop that applies the skills of Improvisation (listening, acceptance, lack of judgment, etc.) to the world of User Experience. User Researchers rely on gathering both quantitative and qualitative data to do their jobs. Reviewing the results of their research requires us to look for patterns, themes, and ideas that provide insights into the world of their users. Ultimately, research helps identify opportunities for improving design and addressing the pain points that make it frustrating for the users to accomplish their goals.

The workshop and its exercises will help researchers and other UXers focus on the following skills:

  • Listening to understand
  • Learning to suspend judgment
  • Empathy and connection
  • Generating information and learning to identify the strongest ideas and building on them through supportive collaboration