Going from What to Why: An Interactive Workshop on Mobile Ethnography

Workshop · Sponsored by dscout
Stefani Bachetti

The most important experiences people have with our products happen in real-world moments. Whether users experience our products and services for the first or hundredth time, there are pivotal instances of when things click and where they break down.

Every design team has access to analytics, which shows us the “what” – what users are doing, when they make a purchase. But that doesn’t give us the “why” – their attitudes, reactions, and pain points in the moment of use. For decades, we have relied on asking them later on, and we have learned that people are notoriously unreliable at reporting (or remembering) their experiences.

The good news for every designer that wants to get close to their people is that there are new technologies that can understand user journeys and the critical moments along the way.
What is even better is that you don’t have to be a doctorate of human psychology to learn something new and change your view.

In this workshop, Stefani will introduce the concept of moments-based research and why it’s fundamental to digital ethnography. Then, she’ll walk through a primer on the why, when and how of adopting this methodology. Participants will engage with real-world examples and a hands-on exercise with a real qualitative data-set.