Game Brain: How to Use Video Games to Design Better Products

Interactive exhibit
Justin Smith

Justin Smith uses games on a daily basis to create better experiences at Cartoon Network. There’s lots of inspiration to be found in games that’s not found in traditional interfaces. There are tenets of games’ design that can, and should, be applied to non-gaming experiences. This talk will walk through how to use games as a lens for designing experiences. Even non gamers can participate in the same conversations without ever picking up a controller. You'll walk away with a clear method for using games to help design better experiences as well as how to use games to connect and align with your team. 

Justin will also be leading an interactive demo of some of Cartoon Network's games. He can talk through the design process of those games and how they inform Cartoon Network's non-gaming products. He will also have the Emmy award winning Cartoon Network app available for use and be able to answer any questions attendees have about it.