Dana Chisnell

Dana is a pioneer in civic design. Her applied research informs the design of experiences that voters, poll workers, and election administrators have in elections across the U.S. As co-founder of the Center for Civic Design, she and her team there were the first to map out the experiences of voters across the U.S.

Justin Dauer

Justin is a multi-faceted, multi-pierced, multi-tattooed designer, author, and speaker. He wrote the celebrated book Cultivating a Creative Culture, is the Vice President of Human-Centered Design and Development at bswift (an Aetna company), and a contributor to A List Apart.

Kim Goodwin

Kim is the bestselling author of Designing for the Digital Age. Kim has spent over 20 years in UX, both consulting and in-house. Kim helps organizations build their internal design capabilities through coaching and organizational change management.

Tamar Manasseh and Tanarra Schneider

Tamar is the founder and president of MASK (Mothers Against Senseless Killings). Tanarra is the Managing Director of Fjord in the Midwest. They'll combine their eclectic backgrounds in a duo talk on the MWUX stage.




There are still a few exciting presenter announcements to come. Stay tuned!