Our call for proposals is now closed. Stay tuned for updates!

Present at MWUX 2018!

Inspire and empower MWUX attendees with the fresh perspective that comes from cross disciplinary conversation. This year, we’ll be celebrating diverse job titles, skills sets, and industries that make up the never ending definition of “Design”. Whether you’re a UX designer or a just someone who applies design thinking to your work—any work—we can’t wait to hear what you have to say. 

It’s okay if you’re still hammering out the specifics of what you’d like to present—you don’t have to have every detail figured out to submit a proposal.

Our call for proposals closes Monday, March 26 at 11:59pm CDT.

Our team has been reviewing proposals and we may reach out to you for follow up questions, a call, or to get more information about your proposal. Through April, we'll complete final reviews and will be in touch with you about our final selections.


What we're looking for

We’re looking for engaging talks, presentations, Q&A sessions, interviews, panels, and workshops from folks who align with the ethos of MidwestUX:

  • Innovation & imagination
    You constantly examine how experiences could be reimagined and improved.
  • Enthusiasm 
    You’re energized by sharing your insights, stories, and knowledge. 
  • Collaboration
    You’re ready to collaborate with our MidwestUX organizing team to create the best possible experience.
  • Community
    You thrive on civil discourse and you’re ready to engage the community beyond just your presentation, while upholding the MWUX Code of Conduct.

What to expect in the application

We want to make sure that you have everything you need to feel good about crafting your proposal. Our application form asks questions about your proposed session and requests a sample video so that we can get a sense of your presenting style. To help you prep, here are the details of what’s in the application:

  • Tell us your name, company, and role
  • What interests you in presenting at MidwestUX?
  • How did you hear about the opportunity to present at MidwestUX?
  • How would you like to present at MidwestUX? (Examples: solo talk, duo talk, long form, short form, panel discussion, workshop leader, excursion, other.)
  • What is the title of your session? (This gives us an idea of how you’d describe your session. Title can be updated later if your session is selected.)
  • Tell us about the content of your session (5-10 sentences)
  • How does your content contribute to this year’s theme of sparking cross disciplinary conversations?
  • Who is your primary audience? (What is their experience level? What industry do they work in? What interests do they have?)"
  • What will your audience walk away with?
  • We aim to have a mixture of actionable takeaways and conceptual topics at MidwestUX. How does your content fit into that spectrum?
  • Provide a link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to a video of you presenting or facilitating so that we can get a sense of your style. A video of you speaking into your webcam will work just fine! Note: Feel free to make your video password protected, just mention the password in your application.

Session types

We empower attendees to curate a conference experience that works for them. We cater to our diverse audience by offering a variety of options in every area—food, lodging, talks, workshops, and ways to spend their down time.

We love a good talk or workshop, but feel free to get creative and think about how you can engage with your audience in the way that best suits your style.

MidwestUX sessions are NOT for promotional content. If you're interested in sharing branded materials or advertising your business as part of this year's conference, consider hosting a sponsored workshop.

Solo talks

Solo talks can be long (30-40 min) or short form (around 15 min) engagements with single presenter speaking to our audience. These talks can take any form: case studies, sharing lessons learned, introducing new frameworks, etc.

Duo talks

Similar to solo talks, Duo talks can be long (30-40 min) or short form (around 15 min). Unlike solo talks, duo talks can be live interviews, heated discussions, or a chance to co-present with a partner.

Panel discussions

To propose a panel discussion, you can either apply as a group or apply individually and state your interest in being matched with a group. We’ll do our best to find folks who are interested in engaging in and facilitating an on-stage discussion for your topic.


Is your content best served hands-on? Half-day and full-day workshops give you the opportunity to guide your audience through thoughtful instruction and rich conversation. Sponsored workshops are a great opportunity for brand face time with MWUX attendees. Workshops can have more than one facilitator. If you’re interested in having a workshop with multiple facilitators, you should apply together in one application.


Immersing MWUX attendees in the host city is an important part of facilitating connections. Excursions are like “field trips”, where a group of MWUX-ers explore the local design community by traveling to a space to learn, workshop, or just discuss and hang out. In previous years, excursions have lasted anywhere from a few hours to a half day. Since they’re a larger commitment than a talk or panel, we work with you to arrange them.

Have another idea?

We welcome all proposals for “out of the ordinary” session types.



Are you new to presenting or to MidwestUX? Here are some resources to help get started.

We hope this helps in your application. We’ll be providing more support after the selection process, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us with further questions.


Support services

If you’re selected to present at MWUX 2018 and you’d like additional support, we’ll work with you to polish and prune your session until you feel confident stepping out in front of our audience.

Reach out to us at presentersupport@midwestuxconference.com.


Invite someone to present!

Tweet at them to say you want to see them on stage at #MWUX18 (Be sure to @ mention us: @MidwestUX). Or, send them a link to this page.