Nandini Khaund

Nandini KHaund


TThe revival of the cocktail began in the early 2000s… and Nandini was at the right place and time to embrace it. She studied biology, psychology, physics, film, performance, music, history, and the arts. Ultimately, she found a way to be creative and express ideas in a layering of flavors imparted by the unique histories behind spirits.

Nandini was a part of the opening team at one of Chicago’s first and groundbreaking cocktail lounges, the Violet Hour, over a decade ago - they had no idea the impact that era would have on the bar scene as we know it today. She also bartended at Big Star, had a night at the Charleston, created an independent cocktail app with two other badass ladies, and had a side hustle doing commissioned “intoxication installations” for events and openings at galleries, boutiques and museums - it was kind of a seanced-out large-format cocktail service with ingredients and decor inspired by the artist being celebrated. She went on to open and operate Cindy’s at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, redefining the drinking culture of rooftop bars in Chicago. She is currently a member of the inaugural Grant Advisory Committee for the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation.